4 Social Media Mistakes Small Business Owners Should Avoid

Looking to up your social media game? It doesn’t matter which platform you use – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., you’ll want to make sure you avoid these four social media mistakes.

Social media mistakes all small business owners should avoid

Avoid these 4 social media mistakes

Switch it up

Experts agree that about 90 percent of your posts should be all about the customer. Whether you’re entertaining the customer, informing the customer, or just sharing the latest news in your industry, only 10 percent of your posts (or less) should actually directly promote your company. Unfortunately, many businesses make the mistake of promoting themselves the vast majority of the time.

If you are only posting on social media to remind people to come make a purchase at your store, you aren’t going to get very far with your social media game and you aren’t going to engage your followers. To engage people more, post news stories, anecdotes, images, and quotes that are relevant to your target audience. These are the items that will draw people in, and then you’ll better be able to sell your products.


Post Shareable Content

If you want your posts to go viral on social media, you need to create content that is shareable. In fact, this is important whether or not you want to get thousands of likes on your next post. A shareable post is one that contains fabulous graphics. Ideally, the graphic itself will say it all, whether it’s a fun caption or something else. The graphic, in addition to your post, will need to be optimized for search engine optimization.

Videos are especially sharable, which is why you should be posting more of them if you aren’t already in the habit of doing so.


Give Peeks Behind the Curtain

Posting a picture of your most recent product might get you some likes. But, if you really work on upping your graphic game, you’ll find your posts getting even more engagement! The secret to success on social media is offering stellar graphics that people want to look at and share!

Instead of just posting photos of your product, give your followers peeks behind the curtain. Let them see what goes on behind the scenes. Arrange things like destination photo shoots, fun pictures of you and your team, behind-the-scenes looks at production, and reshare photos of people using your products.


Engage, Engage, Engage!

Do you get comments on your posts and never respond back? Are you not engaging properly with your followers? Many online businesses are not, and that makes a huge difference in how people perceive your business. You wouldn’t let someone walk in and out of your store without being spoken to, so why ignore people who try to engage with you online? When someone makes an effort to look at your post, like it, and even comment on it, you need to respond. This goes for social media, too! Respond to those leaving comments on your Facebook posts or anyone replying to you on Twitter. The more you engage, the more likely people are to check out your business.

Having someone manage your social media profiles with a bit of fun and humor will go far in shaping your brand image and encouraging people to interact with your account.