How to Use PLR to Add Content to Your Website

All small business owners should have content on their websites because it can help with SEO. Don’t worry, though, if writing isn’t your specialty. This post will teach you how to use PLR to fill out content needs on your website.

How to use PLR to add content to your website |

I’m a writer at heart, so I started blogging in large part because I wanted my own platform. Things may be different for small business owners, however. You may hear that you *need* to have a blog or have the content regularly updated on your website, but that can be difficult. Chances are you want to focus on the main aspects of your business and don’t have the time to write or you just don’t enjoy it. That’s totally OK!

If you don’t have the time or interest in writing new content, you can hire someone to write new content for you. There are plenty of freelance writers and ghostwriters that specialize in content creation. Another option is to purchase Private Label Rights content, AKA PLR.

What is PLR?

Private label rights (PLR) is content you can purchase and re-brand and use as your own. Sometimes, PLR is called “White Label Content,” “Readymade Content,” or “Done-for-You Content.” The latter option is a bit misleading, as you shouldn’t take PLR and place it directly on your site without it being edited. Think of PLR as being a content outline that you can edit, add to, or delete as you see fit. Typically, PLR content is sold in bulk. If you don’t edit it, you’ll likely find the same content elsewhere on the internet.

While you can’t take any content you find on the internet and make it your own, PLR is different because the writers are selling you the rights to do as you wish with the content. Using PLR on your website will not violate any copyright.

What are the benefits of using PLR?

Using PLR content on your website can save you quite a bit of time. If writing doesn’t come easily to you, you could easily spend hours writing one piece of content. That’s before you factor in the time it takes to format, schedule, and promote your content on social media. If you use PLR, however, you can get new content on your site pretty quickly, which will give you more time to focus on your business.

Can I put my name as the author on the PLR I buy?

Yes, you can. PLR providers give you this right when you buy the content. It’s comparable to ghostwriting in this regard, with the difference being that ghostwritten content is usually written specifically for you.

What does PLR look like?

When I first learned about PLR, I was like “what do you mean? Pre-written content I can buy? What does that look like?” Typically when you buy PLR you will get a huge pack of articles. You could post those articles one at a time on your blog or combine some of them to make larger articles. When you purchase PLR, you’ll typically download a zip file full of text files that you can then use as you choose. Click here to view a PLR text file sample.

How much does PLR cost?

It depends, but generally speaking, purchasing PLR is not going to be a big expense. I’ve seen packets of articles for as low as $5 and some costs hundreds of dollars. Chances are, if you choose to buy PLR it will cost no more than $50 at most, and that will be for quite a few articles.

Before paying, check out a free sample

Not all writers are created equal. Most sellers and sites offer free samples of their work that you can download before buying anything. Take advantage of this to make sure you like the writer! Editing is one thing, but you probably don’t want to completely rewrite the content just to make it legible!

If you’re interested in seeing what types of PLR content are available, here’s a list of some of the more reputable companies I’ve purchased from over the years.

Content Shortcuts

This site focuses on three different types of PLR: Fitness, Self-Help, and Business


Daily Faith PLR

Come here for any Christian-based PLR needs.


DFY Content Chicks

This site has some great family-friendly PLR, including articles about eco-friendly baby items and vacationing with kids. They also have budgeting and debt PLR, as well as information about pets, sleeping, and goal setting, among other topics.


Health and Wellness PLR

As you may have guessed, this site focuses on health and wellness PLR. They really have a vast library of pre-written content available.


Home Improvement PLR

Here you’ll find anything home-related. Reports cover everything from how to deep clean a home to selling a home to creating an eco-friendly kitchen. It’s a great array of topics if you do anything in the home category!


Kitchen Bloggers

If you want to post recipes on your site but don’t have the time to come up with them on your own, you’ll want to check out what this company is offering! Some of their recipe packs come with shopping lists and some come with photos.

Did you know that you can’t copyright a recipe? It’s why you see the same things pop up time and again with slight variations or different names.


List Magnets

I’d be lying if I didn’t point out that this site is a little overwhelming. They have tons of PLR content available across a wide range of topics. You’ll be able to find anything you need here, though the quality isn’t as good as you’ll find on some of the other sites.


Master PLR

This site primarily focuses on health, wellness, and beauty PLR.


Niche Starter Packs

Topics covered on this site include business, garden, health, lifestyle & family, self-improvement, and finance.


Pep Talk PLR

You’ll primarily find uplifting images that you can post on social media at this site.


Piggy Makes Bank

This PLR company really covers a range of topics! They have everything from PLR about school lunches to personal finance to the benefits of journaling. Their store is pretty vast so it’s worth giving them a look regardless of your niche.


PLR Pump

As you might have guessed by the “pump” in this company’s name, this site primarily focuses on health and fitness articles. They also have some “alternative” (their word, not mine) materials available, like about yoga, reiki, and chakras. In addition to written articles, they also have some videos that you can purchase and rebrand.


Publish for Prosperity

This site focuses primarily on personal development content. They even have a newsletter pack available, which will make your email marketing a snap.


White Label Perks

You’ll mostly find business-related PLR on this site, but they also have an assortment of coloring pages that you can purchase and rebrand for your site.


How to use PLR on your website

If you’re wondering how to use PLR on your website, I’ve got good news: You can pretty much use it in whatever ways you see fit! You can use the content to create blog posts on your website, or you can use it to create videos, audio files, or slideshows. You could create an email auto-responder series that’s related to something on your website. You could host a webinar on the topic or go live in your Facebook group. Basically, there’s no shortage of options for how to use PLR. Once it’s yours you can do as you want!


PLR isn’t for everyone

PLR may not be for everyone and that’s OK. If you’re looking for content to add to your small business website and you don’t have a lot of time, it can be a good option to consider.