How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page

Whether your business is old or new, it’s important to develop as much of a web presence online as possible. This means that it’s imperative not only for you to have a LinkedIn profile, but you also need to create a LinkedIn Company Page.

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Having a LinkedIn Company Page is important for a few reasons. First, it will allow you to post business updates, allow people to follow your business, and at the most basic level, it will allow you to claim your own business. (There are weird people out there. Never leave something hanging so that someone else can grab it.) A Company Page will also allow you to post job listings and search for candidates, should such a need ever arise.

Even if you’re not terribly active on your LinkedIn Company Page, it’s important to have.

How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page

Log into LinkedIn. In the upper right-hand corner, click on the “Work” button, then scroll down to “Create a Company Page”

How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page | Foxpreneurs

On the screen that opens, fill in your company name, set up a URL (go for your company name), click the box to verify that you own the business, then click “Create Page.”

Update your LinkedIn Business Information

Once your LinkedIn Company Page has been created, you’ll be prompted to complete your company’s profile. Fill in all of the information to the best of your ability.

Before LinkedIn will publish your page, you need to, at a minimum, add a description of your business,¬†your company’s website, and your company’s location. Of course, the more information you can add the better, as it will allow other people to find and follow your business on LinkedIn.

I also recommend uploading a square logo, as this will pull through to your personal LinkedIn profile.


Keeping your LinkedIn company address private

Removing your LinkedIn Business Address

LinkedIn now requires that all business pages have a public address. This seems silly to me since so many of us work from home and probably don’t want our home addresses easily accessible. It took a little while, but I was able to find a workaround.

I live in Geneva, Illinois. I don’t mind people knowing that. But I don’t want to publish my street address. While most addresses are probably available via the automatic address box, if you hover over the box, you’ll find an option to manually enter your address. You can do this, and change any information you don’t want public. LinkedIn requires a street address, but I was able to save my listing with an “N/A”.

Once you update your company page address, if necessary, click Save.


Update Your Personal LinkedIn Page

Once you have created your LinkedIn Company Page, the final step is to go back to your personal profile and make sure that you are attached to the company.

To do this, go to your personal profile and click the pencil next to the business you want to update.

LinkedIn Tips

Go down to “Company” and type in the name of your business. It should pull up your newly-created LinkedIn Company Page. Click on that, save, and you’re good to go. Now you’ll be attached to your business page, and your company’s logo will show up in your list of experiences.


Businesses both small and large need LinkedIn Company Pages

Whether you’re a home-based small business or you have a business with a storefront or anything in between, creating a LinkedIn company page will help bring clout to your business. As you’re building your company’s web presence, LinkedIn may not be the most fun social media network, but it’s one of the most important ones for small business owners.


Let’s connect on LinkedIn. If you need help setting up a LinkedIn Company Page, contact me! I can get your page up and running in no time!