Small business owners need websites.

Hey all! I’m Lisa and I’ve been a blogger since 2009. During that time, I’ve learned not only how to write content, but also how to design websites, create and monitor social media accounts, how to drive traffic to a site using search engine optimization, monetizing websites, and so much more.

I’ve always taken my ability to create websites for granted; it’s something I enjoy doing and I spend a lot of time researching new ideas and platforms and implementing them into my own sites. I also love supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners. It’s not easy to venture out on your own and I salute and respect those who do.

My goal, with Foxpreneurs, is to help those of you embarking on entrepreneurial endeavors to get your web presences up and running. Having a website is so important these days, not only because it gives you a “home” on the internet where you can introduce yourself and your offerings to the world, but when done correctly, having a web presence can help you build and grow your business.